The Conjunction of Colour

This is a really lovely piece of Soar fan fiction by my friend Niya. Enjoy!

A long long time ago, even before the Na’aulele walked about, Hunea was a beautiful land for many Tanau, but, despite how lovely a place it was, there were no colours.

You may ask, how can a place be beautiful if there were no colours, but that is because you live in a Hunea with colours. If there were none, you would not know to miss them.

One day, however, a pair of twin girls were born, Alulalei and A’uwai. And everyone knew right away that there was something different about them. There was a spark in their eye that was just a little bit different, and whoever listened to, and felt, their Song said it sounded a little bit different. Felt a little bit different.

Some of those heard their Song and thought that it was not right. They said, we must teach them to respect the Song. Variation, they said, was important, but this had gone too far.

But even when they tried to sing the Song the way the others tried to teach them, there was still something different. Still something there which they sang that the others did not understand.

The two girls were the closest of friends, but they had very distinctive personalities. Alulalei would dart from moment to moment, flying across the field like the wind and caressing wide swaths of grasses with outstretched limbs.

A’uwai, on the other hand, found the greatest of joy in contemplation. She would sit in the fields and speak with a single tree, or even a blade of grass, for hours.

This went on for years, but then everything changed in a moment.

Alulalei and A’uwai awoke one morning with her hearts so full of the Song that they could no longer contain it.

Alulalei burst forth and flew with a speed that none had ever known, and as she cried out her Song, countless colours spilled over everything.

Everywhere Alulalei flew was becoming coloured, but as she left, the colour vanished as quickly as it came.

A’uwai watched in awe at the sight, and she knew what she wanted, what she must do.

And so A’uwai began to walk throught the world, singing her Song to all she met, and within all things, and all Tanau, the colours found a place to rest.

The sisters were never seen after that day, but the effects of their Song changed the world, and even those who felt that their Song was not right, grew to see the beauty in the world of colours.

They say that, even today, you can hear the echoes of the twins’ melodies in the Song.