Meta: Editing, Part Two

Just a little status update for everyone!

The “final editing pass” I mentioned earlier was actually to consist of two editors each making their own editing pass. The first of editor is now finished and his changes are integrated into the book. It will now head off to the second editor, and when she’s finished, I’ll begin the final formatting for the book in both print and e-book formats.

I’m planning to build some business cards and flyers soon. When that’s done, I’ll post the graphics up here so that anyone who wants to print some of their own and pass them out can do that. For anyone in the Portland area, you’re welcome to ask me for some of the nicely printed ones!

Finally, I’ve started giving some more serious thought to the short story compilation I want to produce next. There will be four stories I’ve written over the past ten years or so (including one novella), and I have two more stories planned, including a Soar short story. This is all very tentative right now, but I’d really like this project to come to fruition as well. So if all goes well, you’ll have some more Soar coming. 🙂 The other stories have different themes, and some of them have very a different feel (including one that I would classify as “sci-fi future noir”), but all of them have a theme of transformation and self-exploration that I think will appeal to anyone who likes Soar.