About Ashlyn

Ashlyn has been writing stories since she was little. She wrote them on small paper notepads, and when there wasn’t paper, she was recording them onto tapes. When even that wasn’t handy, she simply created them in her imagination.

A lengthy detour led her through computer science, information technology, religious studies, art, spirituality, several complete “rewrites” of her life, and so on and so forth; but it’s all come full circle finally.

Many shorter stories exist in the archives, but Soar is the first one to make it all the way through to published novel status. Plans are in the works for those older writings too; but that’s another story, and it’s not yet written!

You can find her on Mastodon at: @avynaria@mk.aetheri.ca

About the site

Welcome, readers! I’d like to give you a brief introduction to how this site works.

The default theme focuses very strongly on the contents of the page, the words themselves. There’s not much in the way of extraneous graphics to distract you. In this way, it’s more like an ebook reader and less like a big flavorful blog site. (I like to think of it as a library.) You can also choose a dark version of the theme by opening the sidebar (menu at upper right). Other themes are installed and you can choose those. They have other aesthetic values, but I like this one specifically because of its sidebar and layout.

The site itself is almost entirely built from dated posts. Posts that are not stories, which have info about the site or my own progress/status, will have the prefix “meta:” and be in one of the meta categories (admin, personal, etc). Posts which are stories will not have the “meta” prefix, and will have tags specifying various aspects of the story, like what the broad topics are, what world it takes place in, if it’s a guest post, etc.

You can also view the stories available through the Worlds and Everything pages, which let you do some rudimentary searching and sorting, as well as breaking things out by the major world topics (in the case of Worlds).

At present time, there aren’t any downloadable versions. I am pondering making these available via Patreon or something later, but it’s actually a lot of work to put together, and I want to focus on getting stories out there right now. So, maybe later. If you mention me on Mastodon with specific requests, I may be able to take the time to build an epub/mobi for a longer story. (See sidebar for info.)