Meta: New stories / world: Agent

All right, blasting back from nothingness with two more stories and a song! This time, they’re part of the Agent world category:

* Agent
* Lost Tribe
* A New Story

The second two stories are both old at this point, but they somehow never got posted. So there they are, a proper trilogy at last.

Also, there is now a multiple medium art project going on that touches on this story. Specifically it’s a song from the point of view of Jadze the android, a character in A New Story. It’s called The Synth Proclamation.

A New Story

A New Story
Copyright (C) 2020 Ashlyn Nafina

Summary: This is the final installment of the Agent / Lost Tribe trio, written for this compilation. The first story really focused on Relia, while the second focused on the Ba’hari. This last one introduces the Carads in a real way.

Timeline note: This story was actually written around 2018 or so, but it’s never actually seen the light of day. So I’m going to go ahead and leave the date for this post as today, to avoid confusion about what’s new on the site.

Multimedia fun: There is also now a nice Darkwave/Vaporwave song about Jadze here, if you’re interested: The Synth Proclamation


I swirled my drink around lazily, watching the ice make little circles around the bottom of the cup, then looked back up at the stage. Jazeh looked like a young, vulnerable girl, standing up there, singing her soul out to the crowd. Her brown hair fell in artful waves around a dark face, and her silver dress dazzled the audience with its reflections of the stage lights. Her voice’s pixelated harmonics ran all over the place, building into inspirational chord progressions over the beat and the scratchy guitars. I had to admit, it was pretty catchy. The crowd was eating it up. Few would care who or what she was in this place as long as she could sing.

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Lost Tribe

Lost Tribe
Copyright (C) 2020 Ashlyn Nafina

Summary: This story is the sequel of Agent. Rather than follow the exploits of the group that Agent was about, this one is more of an adventure story that follows Keia’s personal journey of exploration as she travels around the world to try to find anything about her people.

Timeline note: This story was actually written around 2008 or so, but it’s never actually seen the light of day. So I’m going to go ahead and leave the date for this post as today, to avoid confusion about what’s new on the site.


Spin. Thrust. Dip. Crane Wades in the Rushes. One with the ground, one with the sky. Cat Stalks the Mouse. Flowing, stance to stance. Hold the Ball.

Keia el Rahim, previously Agent Five Two Three and recently joined member of the Ba’hari resistance, spun as a dervish, practicing her Ka Te. It was cold yet; the early morning sun still had not taken the wet ocean chill from the air in the port town of Belio. She wore only a wide strap across her chest and the white flowing pants in which every student of Ka Te, high or low, always practiced. Her red eyes faced an unseen opponent, her shoulder-length turquoise-sky-blue hair flying behind. Her cold feet shuffled across the sandy concrete floor under the vine-covered ceiling trellis. Keia was too caught up in the moment to notice her audience of one.

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Meta: New Story: Ghost

A story for January!


I was really hoping by now to have the next LWH story ready, but I’m pulling this from the archives at the request of some friends, to tide us over. 🙂

I’m trying something new here – I got rid of the Markdown editor I was using because it was honestly just complicating the situation of getting text from my workflow into WordPress. I think it’s better to just feed it raw HTML.



Summary: Geek grrl Lydia has had dating troubles for years. When she finally finds the perfect girl on a dating site, said girl goes mysteriously missing. It’s up to Lydia to find out what happened, and the chase leads her to some unexpected and surreal places.

Notes: I’ve wanted to write this one, well, all my life, to be honest with you. I had the first inklings of it back in 2005, but I can’t say much more without spoiling it, so I’ll just put a second note after the story that you can read later.

I’ve also been inspired by some of the more ‘hip’ and ‘modern’ fiction I’ve read lately, and the story itself is written in a really informal tone, and in a sort of experimental style. Some parts are first person from various people, some are third person, some are IM conversations and movie scripts.. it’s a bit of a wild ride. A little more of experimenting with the art of writing rather than just telling a story.

[1 Year Ago]

<lyddie> so i met this incredible girl

<feenixfox5> <groan> Not again! =) So what’s this one like? Where’d ya meet?

<lyddie> 😛 yeah, yeah, yeah. not *all* of them will turn out to be crazy

<lyddie> someone i met in some ’net personals of all places

<feenixfox5> Hey, whatever works. =)

<lyddie> she’s sweet, she’s cute, she likes pottery and geeks

<feenixfox5> ooo, nice!

<lyddie> yeah. what could possibly go wrong? 😉

<feenixfox5> I’m gonna pretend you didn’t just say that.

<lyddie> her name is penny

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Meta: New Story: In the Limelight, in the Spotlight

A story for December 🙂

In the Limelight, in the Spotlight

This is another pull from the back archives; once again, it was written many years ago, but has never been published. This one is a dream that I attempted to turn into a coherent story fragment.

The LWH story is still only in the planning phases. Things have been hard for the past few weeks, unexpectedly. I still plan to get back to it, and worst case scenario, I have some vacation coming up for Christmas! So I’ll get to it. I think it’s going to be worth waiting for.

In the Limelight, in the Spotlight

In the Limelight, in the Spotlight
Copyright © 2018 Ashlyn Nafina

Summary: A student makes their way from class back home in a waterlogged world.

This was something fun for me: I took a particularly compelling dream I’d had and composed it into something resembling a coherent story.

Timeline note: This was written several years ago, but since I’m releasing it for the first time now, I’m going to go ahead and leave the date stamp current.

I watched her with a surprise that came even to me in this strange time: swimming, then crawling, then walking up out of muddy water. It didn’t seem like it was anything new to her, though a few stared; I suppose we all found our ways of coping. Friends walked around the bricked ring around the library itself, water lapping nearby, while someone launched a windsurf skiff to make their way home.

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Flying With the Angels

Flying With the Angels
Copyright (C) 2018 Ashlyn Nafina

Summary: A swan mythology by way of an “ugly” duckling story.

Notes: I’ve always had a fascination with mythology and big stories, and I enjoy writing mythic stories myself. I had a friend who was very much into swans, so I wrote this story while thinking of her.

Timeline note: This story was actually written around 2011 or so, but it’s never actually seen the light of day. So I’m going to go ahead and leave the date for this post as today, to avoid confusion about what’s new on the site.

Once upon a time (as all good stories begin), there was a duck. She was not just any duck; for this duck wished to fly higher and higher, and higher still — so high that she could loop around the moon and reach the stars.

Teana, for that was her name, was unusual in some other ways; and that is the true start of the most interesting part of her story, and the beginning of ours.

“What interesting feathers you have,” her friends would say.

“They’re not like any I’ve seen,” they said.

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Meta: New story / world: Agent

Hey readers, there is a new story that’s been posted, along with a new world category: Agent. The longer description of this is in the header of the story post, but basically it’s something from a long time ago (2006-ish) that I wrote as sort of fan-fiction of a video game I was working on. The game never got published, and this is what’s left of it.

There may be some site changes in the next few days, because I think I’m going to remove the Markdown editor from the site itself, and replace it with a local “build” workflow. This isn’t a big deal because I am already having to do a build to get some new Markdown elements I wanted. I’d like to get this situated before a whole lot more is posted.