Agent Revisited

Agent revisited
Copyright © 2023 Ashlyn Nafina

Summary: An elite, shape-shifting agent takes on a mission that has even the big brass scared. A series of surprises leads to a change of perspective for the agent, and the beginning of a revolution for the world.

Notes: In recent days, I’ve been working on a visual novel version of this story. So a lot of changes have been made to the story itself. I think that some of those changes should really make it back into the original, so that’s what this is.

This is a rewrite of the original story based on some visual novel work that never did get finished. I’m hoping to release some of the assets from that game effort, including the soundtrack that is already available on SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

This story is woven through several different perspectives and time periods, which will hopefully not be too confusing! Each section specifies the perspective.

Original notes below:

The amusing back-story of this story: Me and a group of friends were planning to release an RPG (video game) and spent a while coming up with a world and characters for it. We never did get our act together to build the game, and I was a little lukewarm on where the story was going anyway. Later on this emerged based roughly on the world, so I guess you say that it’s fan-fiction for a game that never was. It takes place a thousand years after the RPG would have.

Keia: Present

Five minutes, thirty-six seconds.

It’s all the time I’ve got to make a decision which could be the most important decision I’ve ever made in my long, long life. Could be the most important decision that any of us has ever made. It shouldn’t be me making it. I don’t have that kind of authority, moral or otherwise. But here I am.

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