Meta: Site is up!

The web site is finally up. ^^;

Hello there, this is Ashlyn. I’ll be your author today. Please keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times, as we can’t guarantee what they will turn into if you don’t.

We’re operating on a small crew, with a shoestring budget, so this won’t be a big fancy site with “trailers” and such. (Trailers for books — what a strange concept — though I’ve seen a few at Amazon lately.) However, news about anything in progress, as well as found links with mentions of anything, will be posted up here. So if you’d like to keep track of anything, this is the place to do it! The RSS is the best way, but I’m also working on an announcement list in email for things like “hey, it’s published!”

The main project right now, as you can guess from the site layout, is To Dream, Perchance to Soar, or just plain Soar as we call it. The quickest synopsis I can give in this space that will do it any justice is “girl wants wings, changes world”. 😀 I believe it will appeal to a number of groups of people who are not well-served by much fiction these days. I recommend looking at the page for real info.

As of a day or two ago, the writing of the main story has completed, and cover art has been created. Extra content is in progress, as well as some editing. I’m expecting it to be available by the end of summer. My delivery method of choice is e-book, both because I’m rather enamored with them myself right now, and because it saves trees; but there will also be a publish-on-demand dead-tree copy for order. I’m not sure who all will carry the e-book, but I’m expecting Amazon for Kindle at the least. I’m also going to try to get it onto at least one EPUB compatible site for everyone else.

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you’ll stay around, and I hope I can give you something worth staying for.