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Short Story: The Conjunction of Colour

This is a really lovely piece of Soar fan fiction by my friend Niya. Enjoy!


A long long time ago, even before the Na’aulele walked about, Hunea was a beautiful land for many Tanau, but, despite how lovely a place it was, there were no colours.

You may ask, how can a place be beautiful if there were no colours, but that is because you live in a Hunea with colours. If there were none, you would not know to miss them.

One day, however, a pair of twin girls were born, Alulalei and A’uwai. And everyone knew right away that there was something different about them. There was a spark in their eye that was just a little bit different, and whoever listened to, and felt, their Song said it sounded a little bit different. Felt a little bit different.

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Direct eBook downloads

There are now direct eBook downloads for Soar. You can also read it online, in your browser.

In addition to adding PDF and HTML formats, the EPUB and MOBI files for various e-readers are now free from onerous registrations and other hassles. Viva la revolucion! Please link to the above page if you wish to pass this to others.

Thank you all for your support!

Free eBooks Are Here!

As promised, the EPUB (for almost all non-Kindle readers) on Lulu is now free. Please go here if you’d like to download it, and tell your friends! 🙂 Amazon’s minimum price is $0.99, so for now, that one is still a purchase. I may post a direct mobi download from this site later, but you may also convert it using Calibre; emailing the file using the Amazon online conversion service may also work, but I haven’t tried this. (And be wary of 3G charges if you have a 3G Kindle.)

The other book stores (iBooks, Nook) will be receiving the price update in the coming days or weeks, but as I mentioned above, you can use the EPUB to get a copy more quickly if you like.

The print book cannot, of course, be set to free. However, it has been reduced to basically at-cost at this point.

Thank you all for your support up to now! And do keep in mind that there are Facebook pages for me and Soar.

Next project: Getting the wiki going!


Announcement: Soar soon to fly free

When I wrote Soar, it was a journey of exploration and creativity for me. It’s an enjoyable story (IMO :)), but it is also something that I’d hoped would inspire and help, that would be thought-provoking and give an uplift to the oppressed outliers of society who simply want to be themselves, be they bird-people, trans people, or even just people who are afraid to be who they are in a more subtle way. I’ve heard a number of comments from friends and others (and others who became friends through reading Soar!) that it was a profound story for them.

I thought it would be neat if it could be used as a way to let me write instead of code for a living, but nearing the one-year anniversary of its release, I have to admit that this isn’t happening. And my primary purpose in writing and releasing this story is to serve those people, not to make money.

I am working on giving Soar away for free. I still have to work out the logistics, but it should be happening in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

(EDIT: This is now live!)

Saul Williams in the Paris Catacombs

The Stone Bench | Saul Williams in Paris Catacombs

Someone sent me this video, and it’s soooo so powerful; and parts of it feel almost like they were written for Soar. Watch and get a taste of Aile’s journey. I hope some day I can see this with my own eyes.

Somewhere beneath bone catacomb teeth
Through underground rivers where diggers dug deep
These underground diggers dug hallways and tombs
They built beneath cities, they carved new rooms
They carved in the rock, they chipped away stone
They carved routes and highways, they built a new home
They forged a safe haven with thoughts to convene
Where life could live freely, where rebels could dream

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