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Wing suits, e-book reminder

Here is a neat video of “wing suit” flying. These sorts of videos inspired a number of things in Soar. (Thanks for the link, Sam. :))

Just as a reminder, the e-book versions of Soar are now available for both Kindle and EPUB readers (by way of Lulu). Lulu is releasing coupon codes for e-books periodically, as well! Please check the links below (or on the sidebar). Sadly, the Nook and iBooks stores are both dragging their feet on adding Soar to their catalogues. But! With most EPUB readers, you can also use the Lulu version. (For example, you can buy it in Safari on an iPad and it will offer to “download” into iBooks.)

Thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown! #^^#


Lulu EPUB now available for sale

The first EPUB venue has now been established: Lulu. As with Amazon/Kindle, it is DRM-free, so you can use it on any e-reader device. Also as before, please pass around this link rather than the Lulu page:

As you might guess from the fact that it has an ISBN, processing into iBooks and Nook is also in progress. So it will soon be available from those stores as well, if they find nothing to reject.

I also realize that at this point, we’re edging closer to software than a fixed piece of art; so I am trying my best to make it work with all e-readers, but I apologize if anything comes out weird for your reader.


Kindle Edition is Here!

You can now find the Kindle e-book edition here on Amazon, for all Kindle devices (keyboard, DX, iOS, etc). It is DRM-free, as promised. (Please be kind.)

Native EPUB versions coming soon! For my European friends, I understand Amazon gouges VAT on these books. So I’ll soon be posting them on Lulu (who gives me more royalties anyway :)), and they will also post to Nook and iBooks.

One other thing about the Amazon entry: The preview they posted has its sections all run together >_< but the actual book is not like that. (Check out the “book sample”.) I’m going to be working on fixing that.

Also, as always, please copy the link above ( when telling others, because it will help me redirect to any newer versions later on. Thank you! <3



Lulu coupons

Lulu is currently having a coupon per day, and they’re pretty decent ones. The one for today (17DEC) is another free shipping coupon! So if you’ve been waiting for another discount, here’s an opportunity.

I’m still working on the ebook; sorry for the delay. I haven’t forgotten my ebook readers. 🙂 I’m trying it out on several different readers now, because I want to make sure that I get the best formatting for everyone. I’m expecting it to go up first on the Amazon Kindle store, and I’m planning to publish an EPUB through Lulu (which should be delivered to Nook and iBooks as well). I’ll post more as I have the info.


Corrected purchase link

Apparently, my Lulu entry’s title contained a typo. (Whoops.) This is a new permalink that will cover all future Soar print purchase changes:

Purchase To Dream, Perchance to Soar (Print Version)

Addendum: The old link will continue to work and redirect, but this new link is the preferred link if anyone passes it on. Thanks!


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