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Announcement List

There is now an email announcement list! Huzzah! Instead of having to subscribe to the RSS, Facebook, or Twitter feed just to find out major release info about Soar, you can receive an email when anything major happens. It’s intended to be pretty targeted and low-traffic, so basically, the next thing I expected to send out on it is a book release announcement.

Announcement List

For full updates, please continue to watch the blog-related feeds. More exciting things will be coming as we get closer to publishing time!


Final pass editing, Real Soon Now!

Many read-throughs have happened on my Kindle on the bus, and I’ve received some very kind comments from “beta” readings. So we are going to begin the final editing pass soon. Things are still well on track for a release by the end of summer.

A wiki is now in progress for all things Ashlyn, which right now means a lot of info about Soar. ^^; Specifically, there’s a full Ka’aulele language wiki in progress. Some language info will be in the book itself, but everything I know of it will go into the wiki and will be available at book release time.

This week I am also planning to get the email announcement list going. I’ll post and tweet and status-update (that almost sounds profane) when it happens.

Thank you to everyone who’s watching and everyone who tunes in soon!


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