I’m required by my ISP as well as a few state laws to have a privacy policy, since I collect email addresses for the announcement list(s). I won’t bore you with a lot of legalese though. It’s very simple:

I won’t willingly divulge your emails to anyone for any purpose except delivering announcements on the announcement list(s), for anything other purpose you might sign up for through this site in the future, or law enforcement. (Basically, besides the law enforcement part, I’ll only email you for purposes you specified when you gave me the address.) I can’t necessarily prevent hacks or break-ins to a 100% degree, nor am I perfect, nor am I without mistakes, but I will do my best.

If you ever want to be removed from email lists, there will be a clear link at the bottom stating how to do it, and you may also contact me: comments at nafina.com

The site has cookies (allows us to recognize repeat visits), and it uses Google Analytics to track statistics. While I can’t speak for Google, I don’t intend any nefarious use of cookies either.

This brief and to the point privacy policy might be updated in the future. For any substantive changes, I’ll post a story through the normal channels (including any announcement lists).