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It’s been quite some time since I wrote anything here, perhaps inexcusably long. (Three years!) A few things have happened since then, though:

  1. A new short story compilation has been completed: Tales of Alchemy. It still needs editing and some cover art, but beyond that, it’s basically ready to go.
  2. A new short-ish novel: Fractured Harmony. This is a sci-fi story about a future society with a collective consciousness, and modern-day Seattle. This is pretty much in the same state as Tales of Alchemy. About 80% of it is a NaNoWriMo novel.
  3. A new co-written comic is beginning soon if I can manage to keep up with the drawing. I’ll post more about that as it comes up.

If anyone is interested in reading/editing Tales of Alchemy or Fractured Harmony, feel free to email me. comments at

Free eBooks Are Here!

As promised, the EPUB (for almost all non-Kindle readers) on Lulu is now free. Please go here if you’d like to download it, and tell your friends! 🙂 Amazon’s minimum price is $0.99, so for now, that one is still a purchase. I may post a direct mobi download from this site later, but you may also convert it using Calibre; emailing the file using the Amazon online conversion service may also work, but I haven’t tried this. (And be wary of 3G charges if you have a 3G Kindle.)

The other book stores (iBooks, Nook) will be receiving the price update in the coming days or weeks, but as I mentioned above, you can use the EPUB to get a copy more quickly if you like.

The print book cannot, of course, be set to free. However, it has been reduced to basically at-cost at this point.

Thank you all for your support up to now! And do keep in mind that there are Facebook pages for me and Soar.

Next project: Getting the wiki going!


Lulu 30% off coupon

Lulu is running a 30% off promotion through the 19th. The code is FEBRUARYCART305USD.

This will certainly apply to the print version of Soar, but it may also apply to the EPUB version.


iBookstore and Nook finally available

This time, Lulu passed it through and didn’t notify me. -_- Anyway, it’s up!



Exciting! ^^



Has anyone seen reviews of Soar, good or bad? If you’re on Facebook, please leave it in the comments! Otherwise, send me an email: comments at And as always, please encourage your friends to “like” the Facebook pages, follow my Twitter, and/or subscribe to the RSS feed (all in the sidebar). Thank you all!

Also, Happy New Year!


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