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iBookstore and Nook finally available

This time, Lulu passed it through and didn’t notify me. -_- Anyway, it’s up!



Exciting! ^^


iBooks/Nook resubmitted

In the time that I’ve been pondering how and whether I want to take the effort to get Soar into iBooks and Nook on my own, I could’ve already resubmitted it to Lulu. So I’ve fixed the nitpick that bothered them and resubmitted it. Hopefully it will go through this time.

In the mean time, please be aware that the Lulu EPUB link has changed. (They make you submit a whole new revision with a new ISBN to fix the cover image.) The old URL will forward, but I strongly recommend anyone passing around the link to use this one:

It’s controlled by me, here on the site, and will always point to the latest proper URL. Thank you!


Nook and iBooks update

It seems Lulu dropped the ball on me for over 2 weeks. My apologies to the Nook and iBooks users out there, if any, who were waiting. I’m planning to look into posting them on those two stores myself in the next couple of days. If anyone has requests for another ebook store, please let me know! comments at



Has anyone seen reviews of Soar, good or bad? If you’re on Facebook, please leave it in the comments! Otherwise, send me an email: comments at And as always, please encourage your friends to “like” the Facebook pages, follow my Twitter, and/or subscribe to the RSS feed (all in the sidebar). Thank you all!

Also, Happy New Year!


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